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Poppy Life Care
Connecting brain health, psychiatry & holistic healing. Serving families and individuals living w/ ADHD, autism, anxiety & depression.

By C.B. Fosbrink

Every adult experiences it: stress with friends, family, life changes or general daily anxieties. Research tells us, as adults, to meditate, journal or even yoga our troubles away. And most adults do recognize and figure out the strategies that work the most effectively for themselves, and may even not need assistance doing so. We may find, however, that teenagers and children are not able to handle situational changes or unexpected problems that occur in their day to day lives. …

By Victoria Kertz for the California Business Journal

When the pandemic first took its emotional toll in 2020, mental healthcare providers scrambled to best serve their patients. Poppy Life Care used the time to make its holistic therapies, tailored for patients with autism, ADHD, depression, and anxiety, completely online and accessible to anyone. Now the Orange County-based group has something it never imagined: a global patient base.

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By Nathanael Bassett

Receiving a diagnosis of autism can cause a lot of different feelings for parents or individuals who always knew there was something a bit “different” going on. For some, it can be affirmation about concerns and questions you always had, for others it can be scary and create all sorts of worries. I’m innately familiar with the process. My seven year old daughter was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder fairly early, and recently received a “soft” autism diagnosis pending further evaluation. …

These toxins commonly found in food deteriorate your health

By Shelly Xu

Every day your body absorbs thousands of toxins from consumed meals. These can be added chemicals, natural toxins, or toxins that have been modified in some way. You may have heard claims that some common foods or ingredients might be toxic, too. And particularly when consumed frequently, the excess of these substances in your body can lead to countless health problems from constipation and digestive problems, to alteration of the intestinal flora, lack of control in the immune system, or even poor absorption of nutrients.

You might already know that you need to avoid products that have…

Building a community with interventions and support

By Nathanael Bassett

Learning about a health issue can feel isolating at first. Teaching yourself about these differences and how they will impact you and your loved ones can be a lonely and frustrating uphill battle. Those differences can also create rifts in your existing relationships. Whether or not you receive a diagnosis, awareness of those issues and learning how to cope and manage them will call on others to be supportive, understanding and patient with you and your family through it all.

Why is that support so important? Let’s use a pop culture example. In the classic video game…

By C.B. Fosbrink

Remember the age old saying “If you are nervous, picture your audience in their underwear”? It’s common to have the feelings of palms sweating or quick breathing, but are these isms attributed to nervousness or something deeper? The distress of a new situation, one that you fear or worry about as the event approaches. Approximately 8% of children and teenagers experience an anxiety disorder before the age of 21.

Anxiety disorders are your mind’s instinctive response to a stressful situation. You may feel fear, or worrisome in response to job interviews, unfamiliar surroundings or standing among large…

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